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Laura Laws Designs

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About Laura Laws Designs

Laura Laws Designs is a nature inspired brand that brings you collections of resin and polymer clay jewellery and accessories. Each piece is designed specifically around the flowers I use or subjects I choose.

About me

Hi I am Laura, the creator of Laura Laws Designs. Throughout my shop you will find nature inspired jewellery and accessories all handmade by me in my home studio in Somerset England.


I aim to be as sustainable and Eco friendly as possible, therefore, I only use local flowers and fully recyclable packaging. The stickers I use are biodegradable and so is the ink from the rubber stamp I use. None of the flowers I use are artificially coloured, everything is as natural as nature.

How is it made?

I design and make everything within my business down to the picking of pressing of the flowers themselves. I either grow or forage for what I need locally, and have 5 wooden flowers presses to dry them in. I believe taking this time, like a flower takes time to bloom, adds a freedom of feeling and connection to nature.